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The Board of Ministers have given the green light to the Costa Tropical’s offshore-windfarm area.

In fact, Spain has designated a total of 5,000 sq/km of sea area for the possible installation of windpowered generators.

The area chosen along the Costa Tropical is along the eastern end bordering on the Province of Almería because the Government considers it the windiest area of the Costa Granadina.

Out to sea, the designated area stretches from north of the Cabo Sacratif (where the lighthouse is) to the provincial border and contains 688 sq/km. Logically, just because that much space is available, it doesn’t mean that we will have a string of wind turbines from one end to the other because it will depend on companies that are interested in mounting such installations; their viability.

However, jumping the bureaucratic hurdles such as the environmental ones, will soak up a lot of time.

Once the Maritime Space Management Plan (POEM) is approved, the Central Government must establish the conditions for leasing ‘plots’ for offshore wind farms.

Our neighbours over on the Costa del Sol and as well as further west along the Costa de La Luz (Cádiz) also have allotted areas with a total of 534 sq/m between them. In fact, there are 18 such designated areas spread around the Spanish coastline.

But it’s not a case of giving a go ahead anywhere because the Government has already rejected an area off the Cabo de Gata (sea ​​of ​​agate) mainly because of the objections put forward by citizen social platforms because of its proximity to a natural park.

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