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At first glance you might think that this new roadsign indicated a loose road surface (gravel) but it doesn’t – it’s about exhaust emissions.

Starting on the 1st of January next year, you will begin to see these road signs in town and city centres to indicate that you are entering a Low Emission Zone (ZBE), meaning that if you have the wrong sort of car, you shouldn’t be there.

These are municipal restrictions that depend on the size of the town, so you won’t see them in every town; certainly not small villages.

The road sign itself is standard and it is up to each affected town or city hall to add vehicle classifications (A, B, C, etc). Probably not straight away when the system comes in, but eventually fines will be levied to the tune of 200 euros, in the case of vehicle without the letter sticker on the windscreen or a “B” category for example.

(News: Spain)

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