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The Motril branch of the far-right party, VOX has lodged an amendment to the 2023 Municipal Budget to eliminate funds set aside for the Plan de Igualdad.

They want the money to go instead to municipal cleaning, as they consider this service to be “very deficient.”

“As we see it, the raison d’être for the Municipal Budget is for it to be useful and beneficial for its citizens, and not used for partisan interests, such as financing the Equality Plan,” said their Spokesman, Miguel Ángel López Fernández.

Vox considers, in the words of its spokesman, that the Equality Plan (equal opportunities for both sexes) is a “chiringuito” (job for the boys) to “feed the radical-left socialist-communists.”

He went on to say, “the money that the Town Council wants to set aside for discriminatory policies in favour of women is purely for reason that have nothing to do with the welfare of Motrileños.”

The sum within the 2023 budget earmarked for the Equality Plan is approximately 247,000 and Sr López considers that the other parties: PSOE, PP, and citizenshave bought into this ideological strategy.

Editorial comment: It’s hard to figure out why some women vote for this party. It was rather like watching Iranian women in Western dress in the late 70’s cheering in the arrival of Ayatollah Homeini and the overthrow of the Shah – it was very short-sighted of them.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalusia)

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