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A patient who was to be discharged from hospital that day ended up being arrested after he attacked three people before even leaving the premises.

This occurred at the Neurotraumatology and Rehabilitation Hospital in the early hours of Thursday the 15th, when he first hit his wife, then punched a male nurse twice before shoving a security guard about who had come to retain him until the police arrived.

The Policía Nacional arrested him and took him away, only to release him later that day.

The security guard on duty had only just arrived to replace a colleague who had been physically attacked two hours previously. The problem is that this very busy, general hospital only has one security guard assigned.

The first act of aggression had taken place at 23.30h the day before — a patient had punched the security guard causing bruising and a sprain, so he went off sick. Just over two hours later, in the early hours of the following day, the second security guard had his scuffle.

According to the workers’ union that the security guards belong to, there have been around ten similar incidents in the last couple of weeks.

Editorial comment: wouldn’t it be satisfactory if people who abuse hospital staff can no longer use the public-health service and are forced to go private – see how that works out for them, no?

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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