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There was an unusual case of abduction in Zújar (Baza) when a man invited home for dinner was mugged and prevent from leaving for two hours.

The incident took place on the 24th of February shortly after the guest arrived. After conversing with the two hosts, both men, the victim went to the bathroom. When he returned he noticed that his mobile phone was missing off the coffer table.

He asked for it back but they refused, but not only that, when he said he was leaving, they wouldn’t let him. He had even told them to keep the phone but at least give him back the SIM card, which they refused.

This illegal detention or abduction lasted about two hours before they let him go, but not before threatening him with violence if he reported them to the Guardia Civil.

As soon as he did leave, minus the phone, he reported the incident at the Guardia Civil post in Lújar.

Consequently, officers arrested the two men, aged 18 and 33, and retrieved the stolen phone, which was returned to its rightful owner.

(News: Zújar, Baza, Altiplano, Granada, Andalucia)

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