Two Bodies on Sierra Nevada

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The bodies to two women have appeared near the Albergue Universitario on Sierra Nevada with signs of having frozen to death – this will have to be confirmed with autopsies.

University hostel

The hostel or refuge, in the proximity of which the bodies where found, is in the Hoya de la Mora area of the mountains.

An individual came across the bodies  of the two women in the early hours of yesterday afternoon and alerted the emergency services. A Guardia Civil patrol was the first to arrive in the Hoya area and confirmed the authenticity of the call.

The victims were aged 55 and 57, both of whom were Hungarians and the hypothesis with which the police are working is that the women had been hiking and were probably caught in a snow storm — the ski resort was closed on three occasions because of high winds.

They were probably lost and exhausted and succumbed to hypothermia. This is only a likely scenario which will have to be confirmed.

The bodies were taken to the legal Medicine in Granada to await the autopsies ordered by the coroner.

(News: Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucia)

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