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The Mayor of Almuñécar, Juan Jose Ruiz Joya, has just announced that the Town Hall will take over the running of the Cotobro Urbanization.

Before you break out party hats and farting cushions, his wording was that “they would begin the paperwork” to that end…

Also bear in mind that the elections are on the 28th, so the more cynical amongst us might think that this was a move to garnish foreign votes (many of the property owners are foreign in Cotobro).

He also said that it was his intention (if he is not out of a job by the beginning of next month) to take over responsibility for every urbanization in the municipality.

Of course, he was ordered by the Regional High Court to immediately take over Urb. and and another one on the Punta de La Mona, so this announcement does not reflect a fit of generosity emanating from his administration’s part.

And then comes the crafty part; he said that they would post the decision to take over the management of Cotobro for public viewing during 20 days, so that property owners could raise objections, if they wish. But of course, the 20-day period would take him firmly passed the municipal elections…

When dealing with politicians, you will rarely be disappointed if you take a cynical view of their actions.

(Opinion: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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