Tourism Fairs & Beach Erosion

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The Mayor of Motril Luisa García Chamorro, has given the go-ahead for the formation of a specialist group to guarantee the safety of beach equipment.

At the same time she instructed the Municipal Legal Department to draw up a report that can be used as a basis for taking the Central Government to court over their “inaction concerning the local beaches over many years.”

“Tomorrow we are going to present a historic, investment project at Feature that will bring tourism and wealth to Motril,” she said, adding, “but the situation of our beaches is unsustainable, despite many years of requesting beach defences.”

She reiterated that they had approached the Central Government “many times over the years” but had received few replies from this Sánchez administration in Madrid.

This specialist group will be formed by Heads of the Maintenance Department, the Parks & Garden Department and the Urban Development Department, and it will be the Head of this last Department, Juan Fernando Pérez, who will be in charge.

At this International Tourism Fair in Madrid (Feature) she will highlight the money spent by the Junta de Andalucía (run by her party) and the supposed lack of it spent by the Central Government (under the socialists).

Editorial comment: where to begin? Requests for beach defences from the Town Hall to the Central Government have been going on for decades. Sánchez has been running the Central Government for just over three years and before that it was her party in power for eight years, but she wants to put it all down to Sánchez. Politics stinks.

What she should be asking is who gave permission for a hotel to be built so close to a beach that has always had problems with sand erosion. Lastly, International Tourism Fairs should not be used to score political points. It costs a lot of money to host a stand there what should be for the sole purpose of promoting local tourism and not on turning it into a platform from which to score political points for upcoming elections.

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