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Why does Almuñécar have so many traffic-light junctions on the N-340 whereas its neighbours have none?

OK, if you travel along the N-340 from Maro to Motril you will find one set of traffic lights in La Herradura, four sets in Almuñécar, none in Salobreña and Motril.

OK, the N-340 doesn’t pass through the urban areas of Motril or Salobreña whereas, in the case of La Paloma in Almuñécar, it does.

But, and this is a big but, Nerja used to have at least half a dozen traffic lights from Baden fountain to the other end of the town, but virtually all of them were  replaced by roundabouts.

From the Guardia Civil junction in Almuñécar to the P-4 Junction you have four sets, one of which is a regulated pedestrian crossing, but you’re not out of it because you have another two sets in Taramay – again, one is a regulated pedestrian  crossing. Why are they not replaced  with roundabouts?

OK, the Guardia Civil junction  would have to be a double roundabout  like  the one in San Sebastian, because it is a staggered junction.  The La Paloma gas station (main entrance) has ample  room to be replaced by a roundabout, as does  the P-4 junction and the same goes for the Taramay traffic light as you come out of the tunnel.

La Herradura needs a decent entrance from the N-340 instead of the hill-climb junction  that exists, as well.

What are your thoughts?

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