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The owner of a disco-car; i.e., a car done out with hi-fi loudspeakers, whose music was blasting out on Friday night, ended up under arrest.

The incident took place in the Bobadilla area of the city of Granada. The Policía Local had received a complaint from residents about the barbaric volume coming out of a car.

According to the police Twitter account, they had received a call around 23.00h, so they sent a patrol car to the said barriofound the car (not difficult) informed the car owner that he had been reported and told him not to play music again there at night.

However, they received another call to say that he was back dishing out sonic destruction around 01.15h. The same patrol was despatched again where they saw the same car, hammering out music with its boot open, which is where the loud speakers were housed.

Seeing the police approaching, he quickly switched off the music but in vain because the officers wrote out a ticket for disobeying an officer of the law and told him that they were going to confiscate his music system by having his car impounded.

He is reported to have said, “you’re not going to take my music system or car off me,” and according to the officers, there was a scuffle between the car owner and the officer who was about to immobilise the vehicle until the tow truck arrived.

The car ended up in the municipal vehicle compound.

Editorial comment: please feel free to break out into a round of applause upon finishing the article in honour of the officers involved.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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