The Valley Protests in Granada

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They are against “their land from being filled with wind turbines and solar panels, spoiling the valley’s natural beauty.” A few years ago they carried out mass protest against the plan to build aerial HT lines across the valley described as an “energy motorway.” On that occasion it was successful.

They consider that big power-production companies are behind these projects, pointing out that the Junta had 176 alternative-energy projects under consideration.

Do they think renewable energy sources are positive? Yes, they do, but “not like this.” It’s not clear if “not like this means, “not here” or it means there should be more renewable energy installation in the valley, but not so many.

The protest was also about the proposed natural-water bottling plants in Cozvíjar, with banners reading: “Save The Padul Wetlands,” “Stop the Ransacking of Water” and “Bottling Plants Out!”

Editorial comment: Some would agree that mega companies want to exploit natural resource whilst others will see this as Nimbyism (Not in My Back Yard) What do you think?

(News: Lecrin Valley, Granada, Andalusia)

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