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As we creep up to two weeks since the disappearance of Iván in Nigüelas, family and friends have not given up hope.

Although the Guardia Civil are no longer physically searching for him in the Valle de Lecrín area, they continue with combing through mountains of information; checking his bank movements. They are, for instance, requesting US bank information to see if there have been any movements, but cross border requests take time. They examined his computer and mobile in hope of finding the smallest clue.

In the meantime, his sister, Ruth, has been making enquiries around Rubí (Barcelona), where his family lived before moving down to Niguélas where his parents live.

Iván was clinically depressed and taking medication for it, but just prior to literally walking off, his medication had been changed, which could have caused disorentation. There is also the fact that if he didn’t take any of his medication with him, then the withdrawal symptoms could provoke the same mental confusion.

Back in the USA at the university where he works, his friends and colleagues have collected 15,000 euros to help cover costs behind the search. His sister also says that the lecturers at the University of Granada, with whom he was coordinating his academic work whilst homeworking in Spain, are giving their support.

In fact a wide range of friends are keeping an eye out for any signs of him on the Costa Tropical and Axarquía (Nerja).

Editorial comment: it is amazing how this case of a missing person in Nigüelas is generating support, from the early days and even now, two weeks into his walking out with no wallet nor phone. Although there is still no news of him, people from the US regularly contact us to know if there have been any developments. Be sure any developments in the search will be reported here.

(News: Niguelas, Valle de Lecrín, Granada, Andalucia)

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