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The road to the small town of La Peza, had to be closed off yesterday as a rumour of a New Year’s Eve fiesta there was spreading like wildfire on Social Media.

There were literally queues of camper vans making their way there. The Mayor had no idea that a macro fiesta was to take place, so there was certainly nothing official planned. In the end, the police had to close the road to traffic to prevent yet more vehicles arriving.

The hopeful, party goers started to arrive around 18.00h Friday evening and little by little all available parking space began to disappear. As more and more camper vans arrive the Guardia stepped in and closed off the entrance to the village and it was still closed to traffic 24 hours later when this article was written.

At first, as there is a camping facilities in the village, locals thought that the arrivals were heading there but it soon become apparent that a ‘rave party’ had been organised in nearby fields. Yet, with just a few hours to the midnight chimes, nobody had stepped in to halt the fiesta. The organisers, whoever they were, had even set up a small stage for live music or a DJ.

The Guardia Civil hadn’t moved in because there was no safe way of shutting it down and getting people back on their way, so they decided to “monitor” it. They have been joined by riot police and Protección Civil.

Of course, what is really worrying the Town Hall and locals in general is what sort of mess the participants will leave behind them.

(News: La Peza, Guadix, Montes Orientales, Granada, Andalusia – Original Article: Ángel Mengíbar/Ideal)

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