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Asier Larrauri probably dreamt that one day he would be mayor, and then finally he was, but only for just one day.

The Mayor of Bermeo, a municipality in the Basque Lands, like everybody else who had became mayor in the May 23 Municipal Elections, received his mayor’s baton at the swearing in ceremony on Saturday. So far, so good.

However, the following day, he was involved in a road accident and it was found that Mayor Larrauri had been drink driving.

So, he wrote a letter of resignation, which his Basque-independence party, EH Bildu, published on Twitter. He explained that the road accident took place in Sollube in the early hours of yesterday, not 24 hours after being sworn in. He was breathalysed and found to be over the limit.

“Having always believed that those that hold public office should exhibit exemplary behaviour, so when that is not the case, they should step aside,” he explained, adding that he did not wish to tarnish the reputation of Bermeo nor the good name of his party.

Editorial comment: it is very rare that Spanish politicians resign when they are caught out.

(News: Bermeo, Basque Lands)

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