The La Peza Rave Party

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The surprise, New Year’s rave party in La Peza, went without a hitch with between 3,000 and 4,000 partygoers bopping in a nearby field – La Peza only has a population of 1,100.

Those figures were given by the Town Hall, whereas the Guardia Civil put the figure as around 1,000 people and nearly 300 vehicles, but whatever the turn out, it went without problems and was a resounding success for those that attended. We say, “went,” but it will continue until tomorrow, apparently.

There was one very obvious problem, which was when a Dutch lorry became jammed between two houses, trying to get through the village.

However, Mayor Fernando Álvarez pointed out that it was an illegal gathering as it was held on municipal land without permission from the Town Hall.

The field where the stage was set up and where most of the vehicles that managed to get through before the Guardia Civil closed the road are parked, is about four kilometres from the village itself.

The lorry that was jammed between two houses had to be dragged out by a tractor, and not without damaging the walls of the two buildings.

You can see plenty of photos, taken by Torcuato Fandilla from Ideal on this link.

(News: La Peza, Guadix, Montes Orientales, Granada, Andalusia)

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