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Sometime you just don’t want lots of money; not because you already have it, but rather that you consider that others need it more.


That’s the case of Father Francisco back in 2010 when he discovered that he had won 2nd prize in the Christmas Lottery (Fat). He didn’t think about buying a Popemobile-style beast for himself or any luxury; he thought of his parishioners in need.

We’re talking about part of the 30-million euros that this number showered one Vélez de Benaudalla that year.

Father Francisco had won 100,000 euros which he immediately set about methodically handing out to those in need – remember that in 2010 we were in the heart of the global, economic crisis that started in 2008.

The gifts ranged from double digit sums to help with the groceries to several thousand for a child suffering from a life-threatening illness.

Father Francisco Peinado (now nearly 89) is in good health for his age and lives in a residency for aged priests in Granada in the Grace Square. At the time, there was a lot of press coverage for what he did, and he has maintained all the cuttings and he still considers that he was just doing what God intended him to do with it.

He has already bought his lottery ticket for 22nd of December this year – maybe lightning can strike twice!

(News: Velez de Benaudalla, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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