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The Departamento General de Tráfico (DGT) has provided an online service to let you know what Eco-sticker you should have on your vehicle windscreen.

More importantly, knowing the eco-rating of your car will allow you to know whether you can access town centres that have vehicle restrictions in place, such as the city of Granada. In other words, we’re talking about Low Emission Zones.

All you have to do it follow this DGT link and type in your vehicle registration (registration) and it will tell you which sticker you should have. It’s important that you don’t put any spaces; just the letters & numbers as they appear on the number plate

As far as obtaining the said windscreen sticker, you can purchase one at your local post office for a fee of five euros.

There are several other ways of obtaining the sticker such as any car-repair garage that belongs to the vehicle-workshop network, Spanish Confederation of workshops (CETRAA). Bear in mind that the cost could vary depending on how or where you obtain one.

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