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More information has come to light, fruit of the autopsy and further investigations into the incident in Andújar resulting in the death of a policeman.

It now appears that the officer that was tackled by the aggressor, fell to the ground with the man on top of him. In the impact, his service pistol went off hitting the aggressor in the side.

It was that same bullet that passed through the aggressor’s body, hitting his companion in the abdomen, who had been approaching the struggle from behind, bringing about his death.

The aggressor had already managed to stab the officer during the struggle on the ground before the gun went off. He struggled to his feet and staggered off, where he was met by officers from another patrol car.

They fired two shots, one of which hit coins in his wallet and ricocheted off and the second one hit him in the leg, but it was the first wound, in his side, that eventually killed him through loss of blood.

(News: Andújar, Jaén, Granada, Andalusia)

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