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Almuñécar Town Hall has been busy laying a new layer of tarmac along Calle Camping in Taramay, which is a back street that cuts out the Tesorillo T-Junction.

Now, I had to use Google Street View to track this street down, but essentially, it begins half way down Calle Tesorillowhich the one that comes from the Taramay N-340 junction all the way down to the beach T-junction in front of El Tesorillo Beach.

Calle Camping is a back street that comes out more or less next to the said hotel. Personally, in 41 years, I’ve never been down it.

Anyway, it’s been resurfaced, costing 22,000 euros, financed by the Provincial Councillor. The Mayor and a couple of other councillors turned up for the photo op and pointed importantly, because, after all, the Municipal Elections are in five months’ time.

At the same time, 222 lineal metres of Calle Tesorillo has also received more tarmac, which is where the accompanying photo corresponds.

(News: Almuñécar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalusia)

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