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One of our readers mentioned that people are asking whether there is a ban on filling pools on the Costa Tropical, so we phoned the relevant authorities.

We phoned the Commonwealth of the Costa Tropical and the Alpujarra (who handle the areas infrastructure etc). They said that at present they had no knowledge of any bans.

Next we phoned Almuñécar Town Hall and they said that although there was a ban last year, there is not one in either La Herradura or Almuñécar at the moment.

We phoned, Motril Town Hall and they said that they had no ban in place at the moment.

Lastly we phoned Salobreña’s Environment office. The person who answered said that to her knowledge there was no ban in place but she would confirm with the department boss.

So, summing up, down this end of the  Costa Tropical there is no ban on filling your pool. However, remember, if you live on a private urbanizationsuch as Mount of the Almondsthere is no ban, but if you use up more water than what is considered acceptable, you will get charged until your eyes bleed for the extra cubic metres of water.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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