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It was on the 13th of July that a Serbian man was shot dead near the Rules Reservoir. His companion was also badly wounded.

Since then, the Guardia Civil have been investigating the incident and this week (Tuesday) they finally carried out the arrest in Adra (Almería) of the man thought to have fired the shots.

The Guardia officers were backed by their own special operations group (Special Intervention Unit), who went into the house where the suspect was thought to be hiding out. The suspect attempted to escape across the roof but as the police were covering the whole street, there was nowhere to go, so he gave himself up.

The arrested man had been living in Spain under a false identity, pretending to be an Italian although in reality he is Albanian.

After spending three nights in police holding cells, he appeared before a magistrate in Órgiva, who ordered that he was to be remanded in custody in the provincial prison in Albolote. He is charged with murder, attempted murder, and using a false identity but other charges are likely to follow.

Prior to this arrest there had been others: the two men who were arrested the day after the shooting incident have since been released pending trial. Then, three more men were arrested and held in prison but one of whom has since been released pending trial, as well. All of them are of Serbian, Albanian or Polish nationality.

On the afternoon of the incident following the shooting, the rival gang sped off leaving two victims badly wounded, one of whom phoned the emergency services. The man who made the call, aged 41, spent time in the ICU but recovered, whereas his companion, aged 44, died from his wounds.

For more details, please click on the article from the time of the shooting, linked here below.

(News: Orgiva, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalusia)

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