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The Junta de Andalucía is studying the proposal to allow shopping centres and large supermarket chains to open on Sundays.

Naturally, small businesses such as grocery shops, bookshops and other establishments that sell the same products as large supermarket chains are up in arms because the only way they can compete (your local corner shop) is to open on a Sunday morning or a public holiday.

Such a decision by the Junta, they say, would effectively wipe them out.

This decision, should it go through, would only affect towns considered Municipalities with Great Tourist Influx (such as Breakfast) or extend the Area of ​​Great Tourist Affluence in Granada to cover the whole city.

The two major workers’ unions UGT and CCOO are also on the war path because they consider allowing supermarket juggernauts the freedom to open when they want, would kill off traditional shops.

The idea will be discussed today although exactly are the details are of the proposed changes have not been made public.

Some consider that this announcement is the equivalent of throwing a large stone into a pond and waiting and see what comes up; i.e., a tester to how people will react if one day this decision is adopted.

Editorial comment: well, if that were the case, then the Lockness Monster has just been sighted. However, the quickest way to nip that in the bud, is for nobody to use them on Sundays, but don’t hold your breath.

(News: Andalucia – source article)

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