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The Policía Local were required to capture a snake in a well transited area of Motril, just off the main drag.

Several pedestrians had spotted the snake, which gave them a fright, as you might expect, so one of them alerted the municipal police station.

A Policía Local patrol arrived on the Salobrena Avenue near Plaza San Sebastian and gingerly set about trapping and bagging the serpent.

First, though, they identified it as a none-poisonous one, which cheered them up a bit but disappointed the onlookers, no doubt.

It’s a hard job slapping handcuffs onto a snake so they had to make do with putting it in a sack and driving down to the Concerted Natural Reserve of Charca de Suárez and freeing it.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalusia)

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