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La Sandovala in Almuñécar is an area of vega next to the San Cristóbal Mercadona where farmers depend on wells, which are now drawing up salt water.

According to the irrigation association for the Sandoval this is because there is an illegal well pumping up water between Mercadona and the river, so they marched around there to stop it.

The well or perforation belongs to the Community of Owners Vista Marina and according to the Chairman of the said irrigation association (Community of irrigators) Jesús Ruiz Peralta, they have been pumping out enormous quantities of water and literally discharging it into the sea, which has lowered the water table and let sea water in.

Furthermore, this is being done without the required permission from the Andalusian Government but with the complicity of the Town Hall.

The La Sandovala Irrigation Community reported this both to the Town Hall (PP) and the Junta (PP) without obtaining a reply so far.

When the farmers went around to the illegal extraction point, they requested the presence of the Guardia Civil and the Policía Local (only the latter turned up) who, at the request of the farmers, formalised a denuncia against the company that drilled the shaft.

“We are not going to let them walk all over our rights and ruin us with the complicit silence from those that should be making sure the law is upheld,” said Chairman Ruiz Peralta.

Editorial comment: ever since they excavated the foundations for Hotel Playa Almuñécar (originally Sol Meliá) next to the river they have been pumping water out because of the water table. The basement pumps in the hotel used to, and probably still do, work 24/7 keeping the water out and allegedly dumping it into the sea.

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