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During Good Friday morning in the city of Granada a driver knocked down six young people on a pavement.

The driver was speeding when he lost control of the car and smashed up onto the sidewalk along San Anton Street. He had come along Alhamar Street, reached the T-junction, lost control and ploughed across the pavement in front.

The accident, which occurred around 07.40h, could have been worse because the car shoved the group of pedestrians into a shop front, which probably saved their lives — if it had crushed then up against a solid wall…

The 23-year-old, male driver was found to have both excessive alcohol and drugs in his bloodstream.

One of the three people in the car confessed that the car had been going at 80 kph when it reached the T-Junction – the speed limit there is only 30 kph. Worse still, he was a learner driver; i.e., he still had his L-Plates.

All told, nine people were injured (six pedestrians and the three people in the car), amongst them a 14-year old. The car occupants only received slight injuries, whilst three of the pedestrians received more important injuries but not life-threatening one.

Editorial comment: well, that’s one driving licence that should be cancelled and no new one for  him ever issued.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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