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Well, that’s it! Costa Tropical with its beaches is drawing in the hitherto skiers and snow lovers down from the Sierra Nevada. All change!

Even though the ski station was the last one to remain open in Spain – most closed at the end of Easter – the fact is that there is not enough snow even for a snowball fight, so the skiing season has ended after 131 days of which 123 it actually operated and on eight days it closed because of adverse weather conditions.

If you don’t count the two Covid years, it was the shortest season in 14 years but even so the money taken is similar to last year, because people didn’t want to lose a chance to ski on the Sierra Nevada.

The Chairman of the business association for those located on the ski resort, Ordoño Vázquez, considers that they have to break out of the limits imposed by the climate and weather by promoting the Sierra Nevada National Park more, whilst, he emphasises, respecting and protecting its fragile environment.

This year, the skiing season began on the 3rd of December after the heavy snowfall on the 18th of November. Cetursa fired up their snow cannons to augment it and off we went. Or did we? There were eight days that they had to close because of high winds and eight days is a large income loss.

But there is also trade in the summer, from hikers, come June; people that just want to get away from the heat of summer because up there it is always much cooler, even in August. There is also those that want to take advantage of the low, light contamination to observe the night sky, especially meteorite showers.

(News: Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucia)

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