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The Policía Local for the city of Granada turned up at the house of a deceased person who had suffered from Diogenes syndrome and came across 20 shotguns.

The police were there with workers from the city, cleaning company, INAGRAwith the task of emptying the house of all the collected junk over the years.

When they arrived to enter the dwelling, they were met by the deceased’s grandson who said that they might find the odd fire arm in there, so they were forewarned that they might come across a pistol or rifle.

However, after hours of sifting through the accumulated rubbish they found a stash of arms in a hidden storage area with a secret door in the wall behind the a wardrobe.

The weapons, some of which were quite old, were taken away by the police to their armoury before being handed over to the Guardia Civil, whose task it is to control all firearms in civilian hands.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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