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Vandals broke into a poultry farm and sodomised over a dozen of the chickens, none of which survived the ordeal.

This sick incident took place on a farm in Sabiote near Úbeda in Jaén during the weekend of The Medieval Festivalswhich are held between the 5th and 7th of May.

According to the owner of the poultry farm, those responsible got in through the roof, which required good agility so the Guardia Civil are looking for young suspects.

They got out the same way without taking anything of any value with them, despite there being plenty of tools and farming implements.

When workers came in to feed the birds, they found the mutilated corpses as they had been literally sodomised to death.

But that was not all, during the following days they also found chickens that had been strung up by their necks and left to die in an olive grove, bringing the total number of chickens killed to 15.

The Guardia Civil are continuing with their investigation and as for the property owner, he considers whoever did this was seriously not right in the head.

Editorial comment: “not right in the head” is a serious understatement. These people need psychiatric treatment

(News: Sabiote, Ubeda, Jaen, Andalucia)

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