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Two young women, refugees from war-torn Ukraine, were assaulted by four youths near a reservoir. They had to swim out into the water to escape their tormentors.

The incident, which took place on the Lemon Swamp in Málaga near Ciudad Jardín around 16.30h on Saturday the 20th, ended with the fire service having to rescue the victims, both in their early 20s, from the water.

The women had been walking near the reservoir when four youngster sprang upon them from where they had been hiding. Two of the attackers held their victims whilst the other two sexually molested them.

When the women began screaming for them to stop, one of the men hit a woman on the head with a stone. The aggressors then threw her into the water and according to the victims, tried to hold her head down in the water.

The other victim threw herself into the water in order to escape. The ordeal didn’t stop there because the assailants started throwing stones at them.

The women swam out into the reservoir to get out of range. In the meantime, however, the attackers stole their backpacks with their mobiles in them.

Somebody saw what was happening from a distance and phoned the emergency services and within minutes the Policía Local  were at the scene. The police could see the women swimming to reach the opposite shore, so they cut across country to reach the shoreline.

Both victims had swallowed water and had cuts and bruises from their encounter with the four individuals, so the police called in the Royal Fire Department of Malagato get them to bring their zodiac RIB to ferry the victims back to the shore where the incident had taken place and where the vehicles were waiting.

Once back to that starting point, the victims were taken to the Hospital Regional for a close medical check up owing to the head wounds from having had stones thrown at them.

At the time of writing, despite a large police deployment, the culprits had not been tracked down and arrested.

Editorial comment: what is wrong with these young men?

(News: Ciudad Jardin, Malaga, Andalusia)

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