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The search operation launched to find Iván Montiel, who disappeared in Nigüelas last Monday, has been called off after covering a search area of 3,000 hectares.

A search operation has three parts; searching an area, gathering information and investigating the lead up to the person’s disappearance. Although the search part of the operation has concluded, the other two parts continue.

Yesterday evening the command tent was removed and the search personnel, which included firefighters from Infoca, who have an extensive knowledge of the terrain, were stood down.

The investigation angle continues with mobile phone tracking and as well as examining his computers, etc, for any clues. At the same time bank account movements, toll road records and even CCTV images will be examined.

Family Spokesperson, his sister, Ruth Montiel, has been tireless putting up posters with his face and who to contact on them, for example, and is understandably physically and emotionally exhausted by the stress caused by the uncertainty generated and concern for her brother. But they intend to keep on with their efforts, putting posters in train stations, bus stations and even shelters for the homeless, as Iván left home without any money.

Should anybody havec any information about his whereabout, please phone 659 96 28 22 or go to the SOS disappeared website.

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