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Salobreña Town Hall will be handing out free saplings until the 26th of this month to be planted. Get them whilst they’re hot!

This is part of the World Environmental Education Day, which is held on the 26th, and is to heighten environmental awareness.

But don’t worry if you don’t have somewhere to plant your sapling because the Environmental Department will assign you a spot on public land to plant your tree.

The samplings are poplars, willows, oaks, pines and tamarisks all of which are trees that are ideal for planting at this time of year.

Last year over 200 samplings were handed out in Salobreña, 60 in Lobres and another 50 in La Caleta-La Guardia.

Editorial warning: beware because when you say in Spanish, “voy a plantar un pino” (I’m going to plant a pine) it’s the slang equivalent for “I’m going to take a dump.” So, best ask for some other type of sapling to be on the safe side, if you thinking of boasting about planting a pine in a Spanish bar.

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