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Why would you need the services of a qualified lawyer when purchasing or selling a property in Spain?

It is important to know that using a Spanish lawyer is not strictly necessary when purchasing or selling properties in Spain, though only qualified lawyers will offer you the necessary peace of mind to undertake a secured and smooth transaction in Spain. When you do find a lawyer, it is important to find out if he or she is qualified under correspondent Bar Association.

So why Rovides? Covering the Costa Tropical, Lecrín Valley, The Alpujarra & Granada, Rovides are fully aware of the difficulties that arise in purchasing, selling and even living abroad. Some of their staff have lived outside Spain for several years, so Rovides can easily put themselves in your shoes and so are very aware of the importance of communication to ensure a smooth transaction.

Therefore, at Rovides they are committed to high standards of communication with their clients and they do their best to ensure that they are constantly informed of the status of their transaction, so that their dreams don’t turn into having an entire sleepless night.

Do you already have a lawyer who does not reply to your emails or call you back? Well, Rovides say you shouldn’t be scared of changing your lawyer, if at a certain point of the process you don’t feel comfortable working with him/her or you feel that you are not being treated with diligence and integrity.

Rovides Abogados, Dúrcal, Avenida del Sur No7, Office D, Tel: 635 736 591 Email: [email protected]

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