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Work has reportedly begun on Motril’s most western entrance from the N-340 which will produce a roundabout instead of the present T-junction arrangement.

Back in the 70’s there was no T-junction because the N-340 between this point and the most eastern entrance did not exist – instead it went through the centre of Motril. In otherwords, the road that goes past To fieldetc, was the original N-340.

This sharp bend in the road was known as the silver curve and many accidents occurred, involving drivers who didn’t know the road.

Back to the present, the new roundabout, which has a budget of 475,506 euros, will hopefully do away with the tailbacks caused by vehicles queueing up to cross the oncoming lane and take the entrance road.

This work is part of the Central Government’s road-conservation programme for the State Highway Network that has already destined 45m euros to the Province of Granada alone.

As to how long it will take to complete the roundabout and what diversions will be necessary until it is completed, no information was given.

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