Road Down from Rain Damage

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The main road within the municipality of Trevélez suffered the collapse of one of the lanes, owing to the continuous rainfall.

The damage, which happened in the early hours of Wednesday, occurred on the A-4130 between Trevélez and Bérchules. Maintenance crew was working on it all of yesterday, according to the Mayor of Trevélez, Adrián Gallegos.

The high winds have also destroyed much of the Christmas lights in the village, as well, the river became choked with fallen branches and vegetation growth along the riverbanks that have been washed down and trapped under the bridge.

In fact, the city of Granada’s fire personnel were called out around 100 times between Monday and yesterday afternoon to incidents within the metropolitan area, one of which was to rescue a man whose car had been swept into Dilar River where it passes through the municipality of Ogíjares – he was only slightly hurt but certainly must have panicked a bit when water engulfed the car.

The majority of their call outs, however, were from fear of falling masonry from facades, which were in danger of coming loose.

However, within the whole of Andalucía, the province of Granada has been the one the least affected by the rain during the course of yesterday.

The Spanish weather agency, The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), has forecast rain until Saturday.

(News: Trevélez, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalusia)

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