Rescued from a Rubbish Bin

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A group of drunk tourists decided to stick one of their number into an underground rubbish container on the Plaza de Uncibay in Málaga on Wednesday Night.

It was just after one in the morning when his friends decided that they couldn’t get him out. Obviously, this had attracted quite a crowd, who found it difficult to believe what they were witnessing, so somebody phoned the emergency call centre.

When they arrived it was to find the victim with only his arms sticking out, although his head was visible — his friends had been tugging on his arms but had given up. It took the city fire service, together with the Policía Nacional and the Policía Local, quite a while to rescue him.

Despite his ordeal, and probably thanks to his inebriated state, he wasn’t injured and didn’t require any medical assistance.

The fire-service personnel had originally opted to cut him out but horrified city-cleaning workers talked them out of it and dismantled it themselves.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Malaga, Andalucia)

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