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Dear all of you who would like to get the films in English back and running [in Salobreña],

This is to keep you up to date with what’s happening with the films – it’s been a very frustrating time for us all with no films! Understanding exactly what the problem is has been even more frustrating for me and believe me, I have tried!

Nuria has been ill and is still having health problems but I thought there was a glimmer of yes she would try again but actually she was ambivalent. They didn’t make enough money in general and especially on the more expensive films such as James Bond. There is a licence fee to be paid for each film and for films such as the latest James Bond one, that was very expensive.

Ages ago I had suggested putting up the entrance price but this didn’t seem the problem. I met Nuria last week by chance and it now seems that the projector is not the correct one for the modern digital films and a new one is needed. She thought it could be up to 20,000 euros but looking on the internet for digital projectors for movie theatres that does appear to be way too expensive.

However I am not a technical person and have no idea of the sort of digital projector that is needed. I have no idea if another gadget is needed to work with it.

The Auditorium is a large room and I don’t know which type or make of projector is necessary. Using the Auditorium does not seem to be an issue but in conversations with the town, cultural secretary, it seemed she wasn’t particularly interested in the cinema as a form of culture.

Motril Film Club has been helpful and a Spanish friend is discussing with the Motril Film Club about their projector and costs. Nerja Film Club has been impossible to contact and Nerja City hall has replied with no information at all.

It’s been a long time but there may be a light on the horizon. Starting a film club is very complicated and requires more official dealings than I would want.
So, is there anyone out there who knows anything about digital projectors or what machines and skills are needed to show films. Please reply to me if you know anything.

Extra information.
I am still collecting used stamps and used reading glasses (no cases needed). The stamps were delivered in December to a Scope charity shop in Bristol who were delighted with them. Some of the reading glasses were delivered to Specsavers in Fuengirola who give them to the local Lions club who arranged for them to be tested and sent to countries that need them. The rest of the glasses were given to a person in Almunecar who gives them to a charity in Morocco.

Your donations for the British Legion poppies came to about 120 euros. Many thanks to all of you for all your donations. They are much appreciated.

As well as having the excellent Seaside Gazette giving us local news on their website and in their magazine, the On in English is now available regularly in the entrance area of Carrefour in Salobrena.

Diana Porter

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