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A reader wrote in on the 6th to bring to public attention the frequent power cuts in La Herradura.

Dear Editor

I don’t know if you have heard about the recent power cuts in La Herradura. It is worse than ever. When the rain starts every year, we have some, but they last days….

Friday morning [2nd Dec.] the first one, Sunday the next and the last, within 24 hours 5 times (one of them more than 15 minutes!). What the hell is going on?

We can advertise our little pueblo as a paradise, and even in London on the buses, but the tourists will not be very happy if they arrive here, and the electricity behaves like in a third world country.

They expect a paradise with not so many power cuts as recently. Is it because there is electricity work for the new beach bar on the beach? Is the new market hall with its new activities asking too much? Or….. what happens if all the Christmas lights need even more electricity?

When do we finally get things in order is the question? Not only for Energy XXI/ Endesabut also the people responsible for the total wellbeing of La Herradura, el Teniente y Alcalde.

Another point. We can advertise as el Paradisewith lovely underwater activities, so quiet, but do jet ski’s with their noise and disturbance belong to a paradise? No! Maybe it is now time to take care of the rules, so that we avoid this problem before the next season starts….

This paradise also has a lot of music lovers. The law of the Junta de Andalucía says….. in all bars in Andalucía it is allowed to play live music until midnight. Part of the cultural experience in this lovely part of Spain. Only the local town halls have to confirm it. And what happens here… jealousy makes “colleagues” complain, so they hope to attract the crowd to come to their place (which will not happen). Why are there no rules, or … what are the local rules. I can understand that live music after midnight gives many problems, but allow bars to have music until midnight at least…..

Just a few notes, to make this paradise better…..

All the best

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