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Dave Toms wrote in asking about whether there are charities or agencies on the Costa Tropical that would handle soon-expiring medication, etc, to be sent to the Ukraine instead of being wasted.

Hi Martin.

I’ve been sitting here reading posts on a military site, about the need to send aid supplies to Ukraine. One small medical centre in the UK has managed to fill a van with out-of-date medical supplies. This is the actual post that has inspired me (sic):

“The wife’s still working medic chums had a go through the use by dates in their respective drug/supplies stores in north Cumbria in June.

We comfortably filled a high top sprinter van (I helped pack, very therapeutic) which went east. I don’t know how many other health authorities staff have shown similar initiative!”

Additionally, there is an humanitarian requirement for warm clothing for those living in very poor accommodation and without power. One report I read yesterday said the temperature was minus 25ºC in some places.

There must be many of us in the area with old jumpers, gloves and no longer used thick jackets, as we are lucky enough not to need them! Also, there must be plenty of boxes of medical supplies no longer required.

I do understand the issues with giving other people ‘your’ medicine, however, if it is going onto a medical facility which currently has nothing, I’m sure they would be grateful and use it wisely and correctly.

Are you aware of any charities, agencies or collection points in this area, or even Granada and Malaga, that is co-ordinating such aid? Somewhere we could drop off some small contribution? There may be Ukrainians living here who know, or people with relatives in Poland or Ukraine that know.

Glory to Ukraine!

Yours Aye, Dave Toms

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