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A reader writes in from Salobreña concerning camper-van waste, a possible sports area and a dubious building going up.


Two small matters. I do not go down to Salobreña much to the seafront, but today I noticed while driving below the old town that the car park on the soon-to-be hotels, rammed full of out free-spirit friends and their mobile homes.

I’m sure nice as they are that they will be getting rid of their waste in a safe manner…

Saw something similar this time last year, on what looks like a parking area for a sports area, a few rows back from the sea front. If they are getting rid of waste in a none-invasive way, there’s no issue. But if just dumping then that is an issue!

Also went to a restaurant near the rock and was amazed to see what looks like a new building going up on top of a garage, two stories high. Nice view of the seafront. I wonder how that got through planning, especially as the top floor is above the line of the other houses.

I guess money speaks!

Patrick Barry Storey

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