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The Local Police in Salobreña rescued an unusual seabird on Saturday on La Guardia Beach.

Beachgoers had come across a razorbill auk, or common auk. These birds normally remain out to sea so it is rare to sea them close to the coast unless there is a storm, when they take shelter on land.

The police collected it and handed it over to Charca de Suárez Concerted Natural Reserve who in turned passed it on to the Threatened Species Recovery Center (CREA). Unfortunately, the creature died a few hours later.

The Manager of the pond de Suárez, José Larios, explained that the established protocol is that aquatic birds found should be taken to their installations owing to the specialists on hand there until a representative from CREA arrives to collect it.

Citing Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: “the razorbill, razor-billed auk or lesser auk are closest living relative of the extinct great auk. They are mainly black with a white underside. This agile bird, which is capable of both flight and diving, has a predominantly aquatic lifestyle and only comes to land in order to breed.”

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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