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The Policía Nacional based in the city of Granada arrested a couple in their 20s for allegedly mugging a young woman on a an electric scooter.

The incident took place just after midnight (Friday morning) on the Murcian highway. The 29-year-old Spanish woman and the 21-year-old Nigerian man sprayed the victim with a pepper spray and hit her with a glass bottle, according to the police.

According to the victim, she had been riding along the said road when the woman waved her down to ask her a question, but as soon as she pulled up, the woman sprayed her in the face and hit her on the head with the bottle.

Whilst she was incapacitated, the woman allegedly stole her mobile phone and other items of value whilst the man held her from behind. Thanks to the presence of other people, the couple made off quickly and without taking the electric scooter.

Although the police searched the area for the culprits, they couldn’t at first locate them. Furthermore the victim had to be taken to a medical centre to be treated for the injury to her head and the effect of the spray to her eyes.

Not content, it would appear, from having carried out the mugging, the couple used the victim’s phone to call her friends to say that if she wanted her phone back, it would cost her 200 euros.

The couple was eventually arrested and brought before a magistrate to answer to the charges. However, the stolen items have not been retrieved.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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