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Several pedestrians were knocked down in a town centre after a driver suffered a heart attack at the wheel.

The accident took place in Rociana del Condado (Huelva) on La Fuente Streetyesterday around midday. The call centre received an alert a few minutes after 12.30h.

After colliding with pedestrians, the car hit a van and then struck a wall.

The call centre immediately despatch ambulances, the Guardia Civil and the Policía Local but by the time they arrived, the driver had already been pulled from the car.

As a consequence of the accident, four people were taken to hospitals; Infanta Elena Hospital and the Juan Ramon Jimenez Hospitalboth of which are in the city of Huelva.

We know the ages and genders of the victims: three men aged 24, 36 and 50, and one woman aged 27, but we don’t know which of them was the driver, although it was most likely the 50-year-old man.

(News: Rociana del Condado, City & Metropolitan Area, Huelva)

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