Parked Cars Hit by Landslide

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Five people were injured when a hillside above the A-395 (Carretera de la Sierra) came down near kilometer-point 16, strewing the road with large bolders and earth.

The victims, amongst them a 2-year-old, were taken to Hospital of San Cecilio. They had been next to their car, parked across the road from the restaurant, when the rocks and rubble came down.

Even though none of them were seriously injured, the PM for the JuntaManuel Moreno expressed his wishes for their speedy recovery on his Twitter accounts
At least five vehicles were damaged by debris. One eyewitness claimed that one of the rocks that came down was several times bigger than his van.

The Guardia Civil, traffic police closed the road below and above the land slide, as the road was at first completely unpassable. The up traffic was closed at KMP 13.5 and down traffic was rerouted via Purche.

Only buses were being allowed to traverse the affected road, in convoys of five. La Higuera Restaurantsituated about a dozen metres from the landslide, was evacuated.

Drivers trying to return from Sierra Nevada (some 4,000 vehicles), as mentioned above, had to take detours and where they passed through small villages traffic jams formed. It took three hours for some to reach the city of Granada.

Workers belonging to the Highway Maintenance Center have been busy clearing what they can from the road whilst heavy earth-moving equipment has been used to stabilise the hillside. It really depends on what state the hill is in as to whether the road can be opened again.

(News: Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucia)

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