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A tourist in a rental car got lost in the streets of Almeria and ended up stranded half way down a flight of steps.

A week or so ago we did an article on a camper van that became wedged between the walls of a narrow street in an Alpujarran village… now another driver had a nasty surprise in the city of Almeria.

The driver’s journey ended after driving through the narrow streets of the old town on the steps at the end of Queen Street where it meets st louis promenade at the beginning of this week. The streets are a labyrinth of narrow passages between houses, but it was made worse by several streets undergoing roadworks.

He didn’t see the steps coming up and was already committed so he couldn’t stop the car bumping down the first few steps — he was well and truly stuck. He had to call the break down service and explain where he was but in the meantime he had become a tourist attraction himself.

God knows how the breakdown lorry managed to get to him, let along winch him off the steps on the back of the lorry, but they did.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Almería, Andalusia)

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