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Triangle warning signs were obligatory for all car owners in case of breakdown but now they’re not, as the DGT considers them obsolete.

Those warning triangles came into use in 1999 but since then there are much more advanced systems for warning fellow road users that you’ve broken down and are obstructing the road.

Such an example is the V16 Autonomous Emergency Signalling device which is approved by the DGT (Directorate General de Tráfico).

Consequently, the reflector triange is being phased out so that by the 1st of January 2026, you will have to have had them replaced by a DGT-approved device. As mentioned above, the V-16s were approved for use in July 2021 (Royal Decree 159/202).

Apart from emitting a flashing orange light to warn other traffic, some models of the V-16 beacon may also have geolocation features built-in and Bluetooth technology, which will allow users to connect them to a mobile so they will be able to send a request for roadside assistance when it is activated.

The reason that this change came about was that quite a few drivers have been knocked down when getting out of the vehicle in order to place the triangles.

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