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Todays’ roadsign that you will begin to see this year is the P-35 which is not one whose meaning is immediately apparent.

You’ll see them where drivers switch lanes when approaching bleed-ins and off-tramps, so they will be on autovias and national roads (N-340 & N323 for example).

A prime example will be where the A-7 joins the A-44 above Motril; two lanes widen into four with two splitting off for the A-44. Drivers not used to this set up often find themselves in the wrong lanes.

The same is true for traffic heading west on the A-7 on that same junction; you have two lanes to your right which you have to switch over onto.

Then there are the bleed-in lanes along autovias with drivers switching lanes to let drivers off the ramp and into the traffic. Drivers sometimes react too slowly for an off-ramp and cut across a lane to reach it.

(News: Spain)

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