New Attacks on Medical Staff

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There have been new cases of patients threatening and insulting medical staff in hospitals and medical centres.

The latest incidents took place in Torre del Mar and Torrox in the Axarquía (Eastern Málaga) when a man threatened staff in the emergency departments of these two medical centres after they refused to give him medication in the form of tranquillisers and anxiolytics.

Quoting from Wikipedia: anxiolytics are a class of medication used to prevent or treat anxiety symptoms or disorders. They’re sometimes called anti-anxiety medications or minor tranquillisers. Anxiolytic medications are habit-forming and can lead to dependency or a substance use disorder.

According to the Axarquía delegate for the Medical Union of Malaga (SMM)Juan Carmona, this situation had taken place several times this week, to such a point that both the Policía Local and the Policía Nacional were called in because medical staff were worried about the threats they had received.

The aggressor, who lives in Torre del Mar, has a criminal record and had been released from prison recently. “Our colleagues are afraid of this man as he carries a knife — the police have taken at least two from him,” explained Sr. Carmona. He also said that they have demanded more private, security staff from the Junta de Andalucía in both centres after eight in the evening.

(News: Torrox/Torre del Mar, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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