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Although the following crops up just before municipal elections in Almuñécar each time, the complaint made is no less valid.

The Almuñécar branch of the PSOE (socialists) visited the municipal riding school (stables) and has denounced the fact that it is “in a state of abandonment.”

“The Riding school used to diversify our tourist attractions; offering horse riding and having a social and educational end, as it allowed school kids and children with special needs come into contact with horses and learn to ride,” reads the party press release, to then point out, “all this was allowed to die off by the PP administration (conservative mayor and team).”

The communiqué said that the whole riding school area is in a very bad state; stables and paddock. They also said that they were surprised to see that the installations being used (although they are offiially closed down) and that the horses there are in a state of neglect, “you only have to see those animals for yourself to realise that they are not OK and things there leave a lot to be desired,” say the socialists.

“How is it possible that these installations are in use even though it is supposed to be closed, without it being officially leased out,” they asked, “and how can private individual use public installtions,” they added.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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