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With a fractured left-wing vote battling a concentrated right-wing vote (PP/Vox), the political spectrum in the province swung to the left, but in the rest of Spain, it went badly.

In fact, it went so badly that the Spanish PM, Pedro Sánchez, decided to bring the General Election forward to this July; about a month and a half away.

But on a provincial level, the city of Granada now has its first ever female Mayor, or as it used to be known, Mayoress, Marifrán Carazo. She obtained 15 of the 27 seats. Ten went to the PSOE socialist and two went to Vox. Representation for the far-right party, Vox, increased across the province.

The over-all winners in councillor seats in the province was the PSOE who bagged 746 with their 155,414 votes, representing 34.48% of the total cast. Then came the PP winning 640 councillor seats in the province with their 71,727 votes representing 38.1% of the votes cast.

Next, the relatively new kids on the block, For the people (For The People) won 131 seats with their 33,223 votes, representing 7.37% of the votes cast. Then in fourth place Vox won 51 seats with their 29,683 votes, representing 6.58% of the votes cast.

A quick look at the previous municipal elections shows the changes:

Seats: 827
Votes: 168,208
Percentage 36.96%

Seats: 496
Votes: 117,294
Percentage: 25.77%

Seats: 132
Votes: 26,640
Percentage: 5.85%

Seats 107
Votes: 47,517
Percentage: 10.44%

Seats: 27
Votes: 23,127
Percentage: 5.08%)

OK, what has become clear is that Citizens (Cs) disintegrated, dropping from 117 to just 13, and their previous votes were picked up by mostly right-wing parties. The PSOE socialists took a hammering, as well, losing 81 seats and control of the Provincial Council. The PP increased by 144 seats, taking the Provincial Council. Vox almost double their seats rising from 27 to 51.

Editorial note: judging by the hits on our site yesterday, not many people are interested in the election results; who win what, but if you’re going to cover the elections once every four years, then four articles are not exactly a bombardment 😉

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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