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Motril has fired up its Christmas lighting… which includes a large camel figure in the Parque de los Pueblos de América.

With almost a million lights distributed on 290 arches across streets,  amongst other features, the Town Hall has ‘gone to town on the town.’ But it’s not only Motril proper that has ‘lit up,’ but also the outlaying municipal dependencies, too.

Two enormous angels and an equally large Chistmas Present shine down onto the Spain Square and the previously mentioned camel stands seven-metres tall.

Another change this year, is not only how many lights they put up, but rather the company that got the contract to provide Christmas-light displays, enticed by a larger budget than previous years – bear in mind that ‘previous years’ include the Covid years when money normally put aside for the event was allocated to Covid countermeasures.

Of course, The Esplanades sports its traditional, artificial, Christmas Tree in the form of a decorated, conical structure.

Editorial comment: some readers might ask that, with the campaign across Europe to cut back on electricity consumption, delaying the turning on of Christmas lights, at least until nearer to Christmas Eve, might have been a little wiser. After all, our politicians talk expansively about solidarity with Ukranians, who sit in the dark and cold this December with no electricity…

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